Monday, June 27, 2011

Rainy Day How-To

Step One: Wait for a day like this - gray, hazy, threatening a glorious downpour.

Step Two: Light some candles, pour some wine.

Step Three: Play this song

Step Four: Find someone special and slow dance *Swing Style.

*Swing Style: 
- Get close.  I mean really close.  Even closer than that.  The only thing between you should be fabric.  
- His left and her right hands placed as usual on the small of back and shoulder, respectively.  His right and her left clasped and either hanging lazily down to the side or pressed between heart beats.  
- Him: take control and be her safe haven, her comfort zone. Her: close your eyes, relax and find complete peace and comfort in trusting him to lead you.  Lean into him, it's easier to follow.
- Now, just move.  One foot than the other, always alternating feet as if you're walking but with absolutely no direction in mind.  Simply sway back and forth or travel in linear or twirling fashion, quickly or slowly.  Mix it up and do a bit of both.

Step Five: Rinse and repeat for as long as you are moved to.


  1. Oh my! And whom are you speaking of here...?

  2. Guess who's gonna learn how to dance whether he wants to or not?? ;)