Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yesterday I told a friend his wife had made a cameo in my dream the night before but I only remembered a few flashes of images.  He, naturally, thought I was an odd cookie which sparked a discussion of how my vivid dream history could well be an indicator of my mental stability or lack there of.  In turn I was motivated to update the blog, a blog that was originally created to be a place to share my crazy dream memories that I have collected since I was a wee thing. Today's memory is less about any particular dream and more of my bizarre sleeping habits when I was a kid and how it relates to me as an adult.

I had a history of kicking off my blankets in the middle of the night.  I would start dreaming about being cold and can remember "feeling too tired" to wake up enough to pull the blankets up.  In my dream state I thought to myself if I could just curl up in a tight enough ball I could stay warm, so I would move up the bed and try to fit my entire body on top of my pillow.  This, naturally, did little to fix my issue, in fact it moved me further away from the warmth-giving bed coverings.  So, the obvious Plan B was to try to fit INSIDE the pillow case.  Inside.  With the pillow.  Imagine that for a moment, if you will.

Eventually I would get fed up with myself and wake up enough to get repositioned where I should be, all nice and tucked under the toasty covers, vowing to myself that next time I would just skip the crazy and go right to fixing-the-issue part.  Let me just say there is a reason this memory is so vivid and it's not because it only happened that one time...

As a grown, logical human being I am able to stay under the covers throughout the night, which is quite an accomplishment given how much I can be prone to thrash about as if in the throes of some horrific affair, but my nesting tendencies are strong.  I am happiest when it is cold and I can cocoon myself in a heaping pile of fleece blankets and my favorite outerwear includes an ankle length wool cloak that feels like wrapping up in pure heaven against the wind.

Now that I have the covers under control you'd think I could resolve the issue of trying to sleep through those urgent midnight Ladies room breaks, it's like boot camp for the bladder.  Same problem, VERY different dreams...

Come back soon and listen to the tale in which I buy a neon yellow rubber gun.