Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Full Disclosure

We have this tradition in capoeira where during our closing roda in the week before or after someone's Birthday we wait anxiously for them to buy into the game. Immediately we sing happy birthday in Portuguese, on repeat. They must stay in the roda while everyone else buys in with them, often more than once. It's sort of like hazing only with less booze, humiliating slave labor and a lot more kicking.

To top off the celebration we finish class with birthday cake. As you can imagine the birthday boy or girl by now has well earned their slice of deliciousness. Few things are as tempting as a gooey slice of triple chocolate gourmet goodness but for the las several months I have made a hasty post-roda retreat to facilitate my denial of sweets after my hard work.

Then, I head home and weakness kicks in. A combination of a late dinner time, being too tired and sore to even think about cooking when I finally get home and complete lack of willpower I (more often than I should admit to) stop at the drive through for a cheese burger and some fries.

Still, those brief moments when I can stare down a beckoning treat and tell it firmly I will not partake, not even a bite, I feel empowerment and strength. I may still make poor decisions, but any time my mind wins over matter I will keep as an accomplishment.


  1. Aww, all this talk about birthday rodas makes me want to jump in somewhere. But we never had cake - wtf! ;) I say from now on bring your own treat to share...then you get to hang around and share your deliciousness too!

  2. What a great plan! We usually never know when the roda will be, but maybe I can work something out.